“I don’t even like the term ‘data journalist'”

c64f6d2afc83b21d7df6f9906edd38b2Michael Bauer works at the School of Data and Open Knowledge Foundation teaching journalists and NGOs how to better construct stories from data. He told me how he started out, and what his advice would be to young journalists who want to get to grips with data.

Michael: I studied medicine, and I did research, and I did technology things all the time on the side, and while doing research I realised that a lot of people are not good at dealing with data, so I thought it would be good to help them, to teach them to how to do this. I was able to do research my colleagues couldn’t. After a detour I ended up with the School of Data from the Open Knowledge Foundation where we aim to teach how to do things with data to journalists and to charity organisations.

Nabeelah: How did you end up at the School of Data and the Open Knowledge Foundation and how did you become interested in particular in teaching people like journalists?

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